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Moms and Babes – Eastern Cape

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Establishment Write-Up

Moms and Babes offer a programme that not only benefits the baby but the parents as well …… and all this happens in a fun, stimulating environment!
How will your baby benefit?
The programme has been created to enhance sensory-motor learning, essential to a young baby’s development, by stimulating the senses and challenging physical abilities.
Babies are encouraged to perceive, understand and act on the world around them. Through this programme, babies establish a sense of self and learn how to relate to others, which affects their physical, mental and social competence throughout life. In the programme babies not only gain physical skills, but also the ability to interpret and organise what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel. We also concentrate on developing the two “hidden senses” which help children with motor development and learning.
These are:
• PROPRIOCEPTION – the muscle and joint sense
• THE VESTIBULAR SENSE – the sense of balance
These two “hidden senses” work closely together to give a baby or child a sense of body position and movement in space, balance, posture, co-ordination, confidence and pleasure. These “hidden senses” work with all the other senses to help your baby process information and make sense of the world around him or her.
How will you, the parent benefit?
Parents become more intimately aware of their baby’s needs and growth process and thus develop closer bonding.
Parents learn how to:
Meet their baby’s needs
Encourage development with fun and exploration
Incorporate the games, songs and play activities into their own home routines
Besides offering the opportunity to spend quality time with your baby, parents will also enjoy the support and sharing network created in this caring environment. The Moms and Babes Workshop will help parents face the special challenges of these early years, stimulate their child to reach his or her full potential, and at the same time share in the wonder of their magical growth.

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Branches Available:

  • East London
  • Port Elizabeth
Moms and Babes - Eastern Cape
Eastern Cape, South Africa
031 880 1747

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